Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Yesterday was my first day washing with these and it was overall a good experience.

My towels came out smelling better than ever, but my whites turned a little brown (even with a whitening agent in the wash). But I’m pretty sure that’s because I accidently threw in some of DH’s green army issue cotton/wool socks with the whites.



Well, at least the only semi-expensive thing that turned “off-white” was one of DH’s fitted French cuff shirts. And it’s not completely brown. Just a little … less white.

So, other than my own laundry faux pas, washing with soap nuts are amazing!

I also did a load of cloth diapers, which have been smelling kind of… hmm… lately. Before soap nuts I’d tried washing them in just hot water, trying to get any soap residue off, to no avail. Every time I washed them in hot water they STILL sudsed up (is that a word?). Then I washed them with the soap nuts today. The wash cycle sudsed up, and then the rise cycle ran clear! But then, just to make sure, I ran the wash cycle again. No suds!! Hooray! My cloth diapers are clean! Hopefully the nasty smell that was accompanying the suds will be gone too.

The clothes are also as soft as promised – sans dryer sheets.

And my clothes smell like… clothes. I don’t think I’ve ever been happier!

I used about 6 soap nuts in my little bag, and I’ve used the bag three time (four if you count the second wash cycle with the diapers). We’ll see how long they last. Next time I’ll use less, to try that out. Six seemed to work fine, but I’d like to stretch my dollars, and my soap nuts.

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