Wednesday, February 2, 2011

More Ammo

I have added these two items to my arsenal of cleaning products.

"Rubbing alcohol? Sure. But olive oil are you serious!?"

Serious as a heart attack. Although I may switch to a cheaper oil, since EVOO is a little expensive to be cleaning with.

I'm sure you're wondering by now what on earth I can get clean with olive oil.

Well, this:

So to most people, a shiny, spotless stainless steel fridge isn't anything spectacular - but I have two sets of greasy, sticky, touching-everything hands wandering past this fridge multiple times a day. We bought the fridge in October, and until today it has never been shiny. Try as I might with my old standby vinegar, and even soapy water, NOTHING could get those greasy little fingerprints off the bottom of my fridge - and all of the above mentioned attempts left streaks. Vinegar doesn't leave streaks on my windows and mirrors... So why the darn fridge?

I had almost resolved myself to buying some horrible stainless steel polish - but then I turned to my trusty friend Google, and there it was! The (mostly) natural solution to my sticky problem.

Clean the fridge with rubbing alcohol, then buff it with olive oil.

The olive oil "wax" helps make it easier to buff off finger prints when those little fingered people do happen to touch your fridge.

It worked like a charm, and even though rubbing alcohol isn't exactly safe to drink, it is used routinely as an antiseptic in first aid, so I don't feel too horrible about using it.

What have you used for stainless steel that is a more natural solution?

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