Tuesday, May 5, 2009

All Things in Moderation

Russ and I have been talking a lot about health lately. Mostly because I'm trying to shed the baby weight, and he is trying to gain muscle mass in his upper body without getting fat around his midsection.

We are doing a cleanse this week and next - a simple cleanse, not to strenous. The basic elements are no sugar (or artificial sweetners), no salt, no dairy, and no carbs. We eat a protein and veggies, and some friut. When we start eating carbs, we are going to try to moderate them, and make most of them be from whole grain sources.

We are still debating over the sweets, candies, and other processed foods issue. I would prefer to have as little processed foods as possible in our kitchen. I want to save chips and candies for barbeques and holidays. I'm even going to go back to making homemade Mac and Cheese (from cream or milk and grated cheese). I used to make it homemade - and it's much better than way, anyway! It's probably cheaper, and definitely healthier. 

I need to develop the ability to say "No" to my husband and his sweet tooth. The only problem is that I feel guilty if I'm trying to live a health lifestyle, and my husband is eating junk food all the time. Basically I feel like I'm saying "I'm going to live forever, but you're going to get cancer and die." I don't want to outlive my husband. I have my weakness for chocolate and goodies, but I never bought them myself (ice cream being the one exception). I would eat them if they were at a party, or if we were eating at someone else's house,  but I wouldn't eat them myself. 

But then I married my husband and he LOVES sweets and treats. It's his house, too... so I just have to work harder at convincing him that we don't need all that sugary salty goodness. 

Anyway, the point of my post was going to be that I will not swear off cakes and doughnuts and chocolate forever - but I will be better at moderating them, and choosing my battles. I want to eat only the junk food that is the most worth it - like chocolate that I REALLY like. I don't even really like M&Ms, so why do I eat them? I like things like chocolate cake - a really GOOD one, and creme brulee from fancy restaurants. I like to eat Nutella. So I should hold out for THOSE things, rather than just eating whatever cheapo chocolate comes my way. 

And I think that's the key to moderation in all things - ask yourself if it's really worth it to eat that thing that's bad for you. If the answer is "Yes" then eat it, enjoy it, and don't look back. But if the answer is "Well, I'd rather have some expensive Swiss chocolate" or "I like Krispy Kreme donuts better than these grocery store ones" then skip whatever's in front of you and wait for the opportunity to eat something much more enjoyable. You'll find yourself eating those tasty treats in much more moderation. 

And that's all I have to say about that.


  1. I have the same problem with wayne. Oh my goodness! it puts such a strain on me because I am doing all of this stuff changin my life and my eating to be healthier for me and for our family and here he is eating a whole bag of chips or eating popcorn for lunch. Seems like the more I get on his case the more he rebels. I guess I should expect that by now. But he does LOVE when I cook from scratch and compliments whatever I cook using my guidlines from sparkpeople. You should go there it's sparkpeople.com and you can track your nutrition and your fitness and all that and know how many calories you consume against what you burn. It's such a great place it really motivates me. Good luck trying to find the middle ground with the sweets! Love ya

  2. Hey, are you putting down my peanut M&Ms? Ha ha ha . . they are my weakness! I have to admit I like the icky cheap chocolate stuff, in fact, we have some Reese's calling my name right now!
    You and Russ will have to find some sort of compromise to work this out. My problem is that even when I cook healthy and don't buy the junk food, Wes eats huge portions! Ha ha ha . . . I gues it's just a constant battle for everyone!


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