Thursday, May 28, 2009

Healthy Family Tip #2

Fruit Basket!

No, I'm not calling you a fruit basket - I'm telling you to get one! It can be a bowl, a basket, a box, whatever works for you and fits your decor ;)

Make sure it is big. Think big salad bowl - and then get something even bigger. I got my fruit bowl at Ross for $8. It's a pretty big bowl (although once my kids start getting older I may need a bigger one... or just another one!) I can fit a 3-lb bag of apples, 6 bananas, 4 oranges, a few kiwis, 2-3 peaches, and a grapefruit in my bowl. I only keep the kiwis in the bowl if they aren't quite ripe when I buy them.

Keep this fruit bowl somewhere easily reachable by everyone. I love that our Little Guy will ask for a fresh piece of fruit when he wants a snack - "Apple!" "Banana!" Even if he can't see the particular fruit, he knows it is in that bowl.

What I keep in my bowl and why:
- I keep a 3-lb bag of apples in my bowl because apples keep the longest and are the most portable - you can always grab an apple on your way out the door and not have to wonder about how you're going to eat it.
- Bananas are next - almost as portable as an apple, but they don't keep quite as long, so I don't keep too many - I just make sure to buy 5-6 each week. (I also keep these on hand because Little Guy loves bananas - and apples, actually... ) If they do start getting overly ripe, I toss them in the freezer and make banana bread when I have enough.
- Oranges aren't always in the bowl, but I like them if I can find good ones. They keep almost as long as the apples, but they're harder to eat since you have to peel them, and then wash the sticky off your hands when you're done. But that citrus sure is good. I try to buy 3-4 each week.
- I usually only buy one grapefruit. It's a nice little zing in the morning when I want something light to settle my stomach before I eat a real breakfast. I eat half and then saran-wrap the other half and stick it in the fridge for another day.
- I usually don't buy peaches, because they haven't really been good here yet, but I bought some today because they looked great! I only bought 4, since I have so much other fruit already. They were a little on the hard side, but when I got home most of them were a little mushy - Little Guy was helping load the cart at the store, and I forgot that the peaches were getting banged with cans of beans and jars of peanut butter. Poor peaches - well, they're still good - just a little soft.
- I always buy kiwis (at least 3 or 4) because they are so darn cheap here. And I love kiwis - especially in a fruit salad, which I LOVE to make! Fruit salads are great and easy to make. The only hard part is not making it too big!!
- Right now I also have a mango in my fruit bowl because it was only $.50 - I couldn't pass it up. It was a little hard, so it's also softening in my fruit bowl!

So there is the scientific breakdown of our family's fruit bowl! It's not hard to keep a fruit bowl, and when you keep all the fruit out where you can see it, it's easy to eat it!

When you want a snack, just think fruits or veggies first! If you're still not satisfied, then go for the cheese and crackers - but getting those fruits and veggies in first will most definitely benefit your health.

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